Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ohio Focus

We scrapped our lighter stories this week to focus on the Ohio recount. As with so many stories of the last four years, the bright spot was the patriotic energy of the volunteers, who camped around the clock to guard buildings, drove through snow, and even suffered harassment--one volunteer was stalked by two identical SUV's that ran her into a ditch. Also like other stories of this era, the week was marred by officialdom's rudeness and disrespect for the law.

It is likely that the mainstream press will pronounce "Ohio Recount Fizzles," in that no warehouses full of miscounted votes were found. If they exist, however, not much was done this week to find them. As with the voter registration phase and election day itself, villainy along Democracy Road in our time doesn't express itself in a single shot from a high window, but in a deep roll of muffled puffs from every knoll.

We owe a special thanks this week to Karen Kilroy, our Ohio-based webmaster, who braved many a snowy night this week to get the story and to take some of the only video of the counting process itself.



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