Friday, December 10, 2004

Catching our breath: done.

We come to this new project after catching our breath following the 2004 election. Those associated with this project have come from many political campaigns. The question, "now what?" still hangs in the air, though it is time to stop asking and start answering. I was involved in the the Granny D campaign for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. Here is the last post from that campaign, only a month ago, but seeming far away now:

OCT 28, 2004: The 2004 election is a few days away. I can feel this era breathing its last. I'm not sure what we're in for, but it will be substantial. A week from now will be a different era. We are moving toward violence in America.
That is in the background. Before my eyes: autumn leaves; volunteers making signs; Doris off to make a speech; Jim planning the final few days of travel; Blue gone to a far New Hampshire campus to round up young voters; Lauren calling--she'll be up from New Haven tomorrow with a gang of students; field report--someone is tearing down our signs as fast as we put them up; meeting to decide how much money for last minute television ads--newspaper ads; Marlo back from New York; Eisner up from Baltimore; MacNiece coming back from Asheville; Lynn coming back from New Jersey and Susy from New York; Eric still here from California and Maury from North Conway; the ladies of the Tuesday Academy rapidfiring the staple guns like so many Rosie the Rivetters. So many volunteers are flocking in for the big moment. Leaves swirling, too. It is dreamlike in its intensity. Sleep deprivation. But good meals up in Dublin each night. Good conversation. We will remember this time for as long as we live.
Doris was unbelievable today: finished her 230-mile walk to Portsmouth then went right into a killer speech as though she had been resting all day for it. The crowd went wild. Chili at her house tonight.



At 12:11 PM, Blogger ~A! said...

Yeah, I remember what that was like. All of us running around as fast as could be, everyone wearing fifteen hats and loving every minute of it. God, what I wouldn't give to have that feeling back, that feeling of making a difference, working toward a common goal, and accomplishing something for the sake of our democracy.

We haven't lost, right?


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